Visions Journey to Survival

Join us on our journey through the years, from small beginnings, through natural disasters, to where we are now!

In 2001, paying $30 a week in rent, we set up shop in Worcester street, where we were making $16.00 a month if we were lucky.

Situated right next door to Jo Jo's massage parlour (oh boy the stories) - no water , no toilet, just a room.
You had to walk to stanmore road if it was really important :-)

2002 and it's time to make the move around the corner to Stanmore Road next to Hibbards butchery

We thought this was awesome, a massive shop, extra costs .... a place to be!!

Inspecting it before we move in.

A new color scheme, some fancy signage, and its starting to look like a real shop!



All went well for the next eight years until 4th September 2010 when a magnitude 7.1 earthquake struck Christchurch at 4:35am

We were given 15 mins to close down and get out. We didn't -  instead we rallied friends and gutted the place in 4 hours.

The building needed to be demolished!!
The landlord stood with us outside the building and told us that because we had left it in such a mess she would not refund our bond! 

We found this place across the road, the Argonaut building which housed the Rendezvous Dance studio upstairs. The good news was the building was reinforced...... apparently......

So we set it up , it was massive , way bigger than the previous place ....

Except the parapet across the top of this building was damaged in the September quake, the cracking in front of the A runs all the way down to below the window.
So on the 9 February 2011, the building was closed for repairs.

Our shop was left open as it was deemed to be safe.

Then on 22 February 2011 the devastating 6.2 earthquake struck at 12:52pm and the whole building came down on us!
No one really stood a chance - we struggled to get out!

It made a hell of a mess, not to mention the stench!

Although we were inside our shop when the building collapsed - we survived!!


The remains of our shop on Stanmore Road, Christchurch

Demolition of the Argonaut - and Visions!

But we are a determined lot and decided not to stop just because of the quakes!
Whilst living in our garage after the quakes, (our house was munted) we set about running the shop as an online business.
After six months of this, we moved to Bridge Street and ran the shop from there. Until another quake hit forcing us to move once again.

In 2013 we rented a new (old) shop in Seaview Road, New Brighton.

And set about creating something rather unique in the suburb.

From Dragons to Fairies, Crystals to Dreamcatchers, we had a bright vision.

But in our time on Seaview Rd, it wasn't all plain sailing - there were times of concern....

But still we had our vision, and persevered nonetheless.

Excerpt from Fairfax Media - The Christchurch Mail 5 June 2014

A bright vision of personal spirituality

For Visions Metaphysical owners Brett and Lisa Taylor, the spiritual beliefs they live by are reflected in their New Brighton store.


In dreams: Visions Metaphysical co-owner Brett Taylor stands among multicoloured dream-catchers.

Originally based on Stanmore Rd, the pair decided to resurrect their business in the eastern surburbs of the city in 2012.

The move has proven to be a beneficial one for both the owners and their customers.

‘‘Because we are now based in New Brighton, we can offer our vast selection of wares to our customers at very affordable prices,’’ Brett says.

Starting at $7.90 for a small, detailed dragon, and up to $250 for a larger hand-painted item, the range offers something for everyone, especially collectors.

Fairies, for example, are a firm favourite, with an array of stylised pieces priced from $100 to $250.

On the shelves, stunning, colourful crystals sit next to handmade jewellery, with hanging suncatchers crafted by Lisa herself throwing light across the room.

The suspended displays of dreamcatchers and Moroccan tea lights offer pleasant pops of colour in this intimate space. And what’s great about the store is that everyone is welcomed.

‘‘You’d be surprised at who comes in here and what we have available for each and every person,’’ Brett says.

Stuck to a rotating stand in the corner, a sign reads: ‘‘Herbs, not drugs’’.

And once again, their beliefs underlie their strong message: they never supported the herbal high craze.

Below the signage are rows of herbs, including bunches of beautifully wrapped sage.

Also for sale is a selection of mixed herbs, which are perfect for good extra energy and for feeding the spirit, whether they are used in potions, for bathing in, or for drinking as a tea.

On offer at Visions Metaphysical, too, is a great selection of clothing and footwear brands imported directly from the USA and the United Kingdom. Well-known labels include clothing ranges from Sour Puss and Too Fast. The store is also a new agent for Demonia shoes and Spanish brand New Rock.

Clairvoyant and tarot card readings are also available. The pair believe in offering their customers a complete and holistic approach to spiritual health.

‘‘What we really aim to do is to empower people to make their own decisions in life; to give them clearer thoughts and decision-making tools,’’ Brett says.

‘‘We do that by offering them spiritual guidance and by guiding them in how to feel comfortable in their own zone – in their own space.’’

A 45-minute clairvoyant reading costs $50, and a tarot card reading of the same length costs $40. A more in-depth intuitive reading is priced at $50. Complimentary coffee or tea is included.

From 2013 - 2016 whilst based in Seaview Rd, we battled the road closures, the dust, the trenches in the ground, and the bureaucratic indecisions concerning the repairs of the East Christchurch infrastructure. And we survived..... or so we thought.

During those years the ground frequently rumbled and shook our little shop.
And then in February 2016 there was another earthquake - a 5.75 magnitude, centered just 8 kms away from our shop.

It caused considerable damage!! 

And then we discovered that the insurance we were paying would not cover our loss for this, the Valentine's Day quake.

So six weeks later it was time to move the shop yet again, to somewhere that was a lot safer and more secure!
Time to move North - to our home in Northwood and start a home based and online business in our garage.

So we converted this:

into this!!

Thank you for sharing our journey. A journey that started with a vision, and is not yet completed.

We look forward to your visit to our new shop in Northwood.
Come call in, have a look around and a cup of tea or coffee.

Thank you
Brett and Lisa